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Patented Low-E film is a composite and heart of the glass

A green glass for a sustainable 21st century
As the effects of climate change is resulting in global warming, governments and individuals are beginning to look to passive design elements used in building architecture.

MBXIR High Performance Glass is a patented low-e film sandwiched between 2 Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayers, which are bonded between 2 pieces of glass under heat and pressure.

• ISO 9001 Quality Management System
• ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
• Obtained national patent (Patent No.: ZL200720006372.0)
• TNO report – EN 410 standard
• SETSCO Services Pte Ltd
• Chinese 3C Certification

A.Energy saving, reduces energy consumption:
• Shading Coefficient (SC) is < 0.41
• Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is < 0.36
• Allows in 40-70% of visible light
• blocks 98% of Infrared Light(IR) which carries penetrating heat
• blocks 99.9% of UV which damages health and interior finishes
• 47% less electricity consumption over normal laminated film glass
• 30% less power consumption for lighting

B. Processing flexibility:
• beauty and elegance on both plane and curved surface, a challenge for other
   coated or film on glass
• MBXIR 18mm is equal to 47 mm conventional double or triple glazed glass
• 48% lighter in weight than conventional double glazed glass

C. Safety:
• 50% higher impact resistant strength over common PVB laminated glass
• on impact broken glass fragments adhere to interlayer, no glass shards scatter and
    no immediate replacement necessary

D.Stable Performance:
• MBXIR Low-E Film between the two PVB interlayers and bonded glass pieces
    is protected from the environment to avoid oxidization
• Composite properties
• Grade A safety glazing status (class 5.2 of SS 341:2001)

E. Sound Insulation:
• Cuts noise by an additonal 25dB

F. Uses:
• replaces tempered glass, tinted glass and insulated/double glazing glass
• framed systems facade, skylights, windows and doors, railings, balustrade glazing
    and shop fronts
• promenades, botanical glass houses, counters, display windows and interior
    design finishes


“…..Energy saving, reduces energy consumption”



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